Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dear Shane, you are the bane of my existence. Love, V.

So if you haven't figured it out, yet, I am young. Not underage, of course, or else me blogging about clubbing would indicate that I have a fake ID of sorts, but still, I'm part of the generation that was directly influenced by the L Word.

For us, these TV series were not simply a form of entertainment or a way for us to actually fully connect with the lives of fictional characters in TV once and for all. No, for my generation, the L Word actually shaped the way most lesbians behave nowadays. And that would be all well and good if not for one bloody irritating character whom I want to kill just as much as I want to fuck against a wall: Shane McCutcheon.

Now, why do I hate Shane? She's pretty hot, I'll give you that, and looks-wise she basically fits the bill of my perfect woman. But that personality? Not so much. She's a bloody womanizer, she's full of herself, she knows it AND she gets all the girls because of that. Acting like a prick equals instant panty dropper, that's the idea we can take from her character. Automatically, young girls who want to get laid will start dressing like her, which is good because let's just face it, there are a lot of lesbians out there with no fashion sense whatsoever. The fact that dressing LIKE Shane might not make you look as good as Shane could be a problem, but that's not even my biggest complaint, OH NO. The problem, you see, is when they all start ACTING like bloody Shane, fucking everything they see and thinking they're the shit just because they look so good a.k.a. like someone else who happens to be a dykon or something. They also started to gain this status of hot shit when Shane was particularly in vogue, the same status that now is not as strong as before, thank God, but that doesn't stop them from still having that stupid fucking attitude when nothing or no one is good enough for them.

Now, don't get me wrong, Shane has her good sides, I suppose, but does anyone see that? No, they just look at her and think "Hey, acting like an asshole will get me pussy!" and that's what they do. No one even sees that she ends up alone, that nice girls like Alice and Tasha get a beautiful love story and that people who believe in beautiful relationships actually get one instead of running away from them. They also have this thing when they COUNT how many girls they've fucked and then you see them competing like Shane and Papi, I kid you not. It's just not as blatant as it is on the series, but still, it's something that people just KNOW. And if you live in a small city like I used to when I was younger, this situation is just as common as gay guys and their Gossip Girl inspired blogs.

When it comes to the lovely L Word girls, my dream woman is Tasha and, eventually, you will notice that I'm Alice - starting with the fact that I talk too much more times than not. But I just love their relationship, I love the fact that Tasha is noble and caring as much as she is extremely atractive and I especially love the fact that they have the same views in relationships and the concept of cheating. Plus, uniforms and suits.

They look so adorable together I just want to cry, ok.
Word of advice? Being a full of yourself asshole might get you in some girls' pants, but being a nice, confident person will give you access to the hearts of some lovely young women like me. So, choose wisely.

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