Friday, 26 August 2011

Girls Night Out... with the boys.

Pardon me if this is not your usual night out, fellow lesbians, but not all of us found their super cool group of dyke friends immediately after coming out of the closet. Some of us who prefer glamour over comfort are attracted to the other side of the LGBT social spectrum and not necessarily because they're men. Some of us were even a part of it before coming out as full fledged lesbians/bisexuals/pansexuals/whatever floats your boat. Some call us fag hags and most think we're all straight, fat and frustrated. Some call us the best of both worlds and we call them our best friends.

Gay men and femme lesbians are a match made in heaven.

Now let's see how this can be an advantage or put a stop to your love life like it basically never existed in the first place.

You dance, you have fun, you receive daily compliments and you know they're the most honest words you will ever hear. These boys can also be your wingmen, being there for you when this cute girl wants to talk to you but doesn't know how to start. That's right girls, if you see a sexy lady and her gay best friend, don't assume she's straight - ask him first. Chances are he will know if you're her type or not and save you from the embarrassment of those first awkward words.

Now, what can stop you from getting any? If you, like me, start collecting an amount of gay friends to the point that you create a wall of men surrounding you, that can be a problem. It can also be slightly annoying when you're the only girl in the lesbian bar sitting alone with your gay friend, whilst all the others have their own group of lesbian friends and you can only think "How do they do it?". But don't panic - it's not like you need to get yourself a new group of friends. You just need to relax, have fun, be yourself and wait.

Chances are you know these girls are dying to talk to you. Chances are you just need to stop being a pussy and go for it. Chances are you are not like me, in which case I salute you for getting laid.

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