Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tomboys, Studs, Bois and overall Butch Women... get in my pants.

Being the only girl I know who actually admits she loves tomboys is hard. I mean, what's it with people and judging a girl's sexuality just because she's not usually into femmes? No one ever judges gay men who are into flamming queers or even drag queens. They're still "fags". Now, if you're a girl and you tell someone you're mostly into tomboys or butch women, the first thing they will say to you is something along the lines of "Are you sure you're not straight?". I've been judged by gay women, straight women, gay men and especially straight men and it used to get on my last nerve. Then I stopped being afraid of admitting it, raised my butch/femme appreciation flag with pride and people got over it.

That's what this world needs, ladies. If you're a femme and you're looking at your computer screen, agreeing with every word I just wrote, then stand up for your right of being accepted as lesbian woman, not just someone who tries to find a man in a woman. Because we are not looking for a man. Boobies are amazing, muff is awesome and girls who can wear boys' clothes and own them should just lift up my 50s cocktail dress and do me against a wall. Or something.

Besides, there needs to be more tomboy appreciation in this world. Some of them are assholes, yes, and they get more pussy than the average femme, YES, but really, does that count as being loved for who they are? If people stopped putting them in these stupid boxes (i.e. TV series like The L Word), maybe they would feel confident to actually put some effort into a relationship. If they stopped being approached by stupid bi-curious straight girls all the time who always end up breaking their heart, maybe they would talk to us sexy femmes instead of just longing from a distance, wondering if we're really worth the trouble (sorry if this offends you, I just had to get it out of my chest). But most of all, I think that if they knew how much some of us appreciate them, not only by the looks but also for their attitude and personalities, maybe they would stop being afraid of appreciating us back.

So without further ado, here are the reasons that make me love tomboy/stud/boi/butch lesbians so much.

  • I like the way your ass looks in those jeans and I love it when you wear shirts and if I could I would make you wear bow ties every single day. I love your caps and your beanies and your leather jackets and your hoodies. I love how we stand out in a crowd, me so girly and you so cool. Your swag makes me so horny I might as well just carry a bed around.
  • Your haircuts are amazing. Be it that stylish short haircut or a shaved head or cool dreadlocks or braids or no hair at all, it just shows off your faces so beautifully.
  • I love it when you look like you could protect me from anyone or anything. It's not that I need protection, I've been single long enough to learn how to take care of myself, it's just the fact that you could if I needed to and you would do it gladly. Also, your fierceness turns me on. A lot. And when you show your cute side and it ends up being even more blatant than mine? That has to be one of my favourite parts of knowing a tomboy inside out. The way you make these funny faces when you see cute animals or perhaps your penchant for cuddling or the way you might actually purr when I give you a back rub? That's genuine and different from what most people see and it makes me feel special.
  • I love it when you act all caring and gentlemanly. Again, I don't need it, but I appreciate it. I love it when you ask me out on dates and I love it when you compliment me and I'll probably look at you like the sun shines out of your ass. I love it when you give me your jacket and I love it when you just can't stop touching me and I just want you to know that all these actions do not go unnoticed. Don't you ever think a girl is just replacing you by a man when she appreciates this actions. Wait, take your time, and you'll find out that if she's the right sort, she'll probably spoil you rotten as well (if she's like me, cooking, back rubs and longing stares will be involved, along with a constant willingness to get you out of those clothes).
  • And last, but not least, you are special and you make me feel special. I love walking down the street with your arm on my shoulder or around my waist if you're into it, or just walking by your side if you're shy. I love the fact that we make such a cute couple, even if some people might judge because couples like us are so 20th century. I will smile at everyone on the street because I look at us and I see beauty and I'll introduce you to my friends and I'll watch you with pride as you charm all of them.
 Conclusion: I love you all, skinny or curvy - especially if you're tall - white, black, asian, dapper or with a killer swagger... I think you're amazing. So don't be afraid of talking to us, shy femmes with a princess syndrome - some day you might get lucky and find yourself a keeper.


  1. I love what you wrote. Wish I could find a girl just like you.

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  3. I think I'm in love lol I'm a stud and you really get us. Thank you so much ... I think reading that today is as much love and appreciation I've ever received about my label and myself ya know so yeah much love

  4. Yes! I love butch women of any sort. I finally settled on identifying as a femme (even though not the girliest of girls) as a shout out to any butch women who may be near. To let them know I'm proud to fancy you all ha, just as you've described.

  5. I'm a butch I message all these femme girls and nothing....I feel like us butch would treat femme girls like Queens if given the opportunity...
    Very nicely written & I would luv to meet a woman like you!

  6. I love Boi’s because tough exterior .. they fall hard with a woman’s soft touch and love.. and manners... yes they will get you’s a beautiful dance when both can let go... I love my tomboy.... she melts me and I lead her...

  7. so I was feeling like crap today and just came across this. Best accidental discovery of the year. Love it that someone gets me. Feel so much better.

  8. so I was feeling like crap today and just came across this. Best accidental discovery of the year. Love it that someone gets me. Feel so much better.